Foxconn's five major wars will stand on the offensive line to face Samsung

Guo Taiming, who has always supported the overall situation and will speak for eight hours in one breath at his own shareholders' meeting, deliberately reserved half of the time for the management team this time, and introduced the important growth business of the group to shareholders in the future - semiconductor, panel, industrial 4.0, LOHAS health care and IoT home appliances, these five major businesses were taken over by Liu Yangwei, Wu Yiwei, Sam Baker, Wu Liangxiang, and Lv Fangming respectively, forming a team of five tiger generals with Guo Taiming as the leadership core, plus Dai Zhengwu, who is in charge of Japan's Sharp , These six people are the important promoters to accelerate Foxconn's stock price to rise to 200 yuan again.

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