What are the storage standards for quartz crystal oscillators?

What are the storage standards for quartz crystal oscillators? Many people know that a crystal oscillator is a frequency component in electronic components. It's not much power consumption. It is made by high-precision laser cutting and inlaid with electric-grade welding wires. It is the most important component in the crystal oscillator circuit. It is the standard frequency for each part of the computer graphics card, network port, computer motherboard and other spare parts. Quartz crystals are also like a ruler. The unstable output power will lead to unstable output power of related equipment. Difficulties can easily arise as a matter of course. But because today's manufacturing and processing technology continues to improve. Today's key performance indicators such as frequency error, temperature reliability, embrittlement rate, and airtightness are all very good. Common failures have long been less likely to occur. But you still have to pay attention to the storage standard of the crystal oscillator. in order to avoid unnecessary accidents. The following summarizes some common storage problems for you, hoping to help you.

       1. The crystal oscillator is a fragile electronic device. Therefore, anti-vibration measures are also very important. Not suitable for placing on higher storage shelves. throughout the application process. It is also not suitable for the crystal oscillator to fall. Generally speaking. Quartz crystals that have been dropped from a height are not reusable.

       2, to take into account the humidity of the surrounding environment. And do a good job of anti-extrusion measures. Put it in a dry and naturally ventilated area. Allow the crystal to prevent damping from causing changes in other key parameters.

       3. The quartz crystal oscillator is in the whole process of soldering. The temperature of its solder is not suitable for too high. Soldering time is also not suitable for too long. To avoid the resulting changes in the crystal, resulting in instability of various main parameters.

       4. For the cylindrical crystal oscillator that must be cut. Attention should be paid to the hazards of mechanical equipment ground stress.

       5. In addition to soldering, the crystal oscillator should be cleaned. In case the grounding resistance does not meet the regulations.

       6. Make sure that the solder points of the two pins are not connected. Otherwise, the crystal will stop vibrating.

       7. When the crystal case is grounded. Make sure that the case and pins are not accidentally connected to cause a short circuit. In turn, the crystal oscillator does not vibrate.

Under normal circumstances, the storage temperature range of the crystal oscillator is 25 degrees Celsius at room temperature, dust-proof, indoor installation of exhaust air, and filtering of dust in the air.

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